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C41-175 Air Hammer
Product Description

Main Features

The air hammer with small size,low noise,simple structure ,
easy operation ,flexible movement and convenient to transit ,
installation ,maintenance ,the type is widely used for various of free forging works ,
such as drawingout ,upsetting ,punching ,chiseling .forging welding ,bending and twisting .
It is also used for opendie forging in bolster dies.
it is suitable for free forging works of all kinds of different shape parts ,
especially suitable for village township enterprise and selfemployed forge small agriculture tools .
For example sickle ,horseshoes ,Spike ,hoe etc .
At the same time ,the industrial enterprise use the air hammer to forge the steel ball ,
scaffold and many other factories and mines ,construction supplies .
In addition the series air  hammer is very commonly professional blacksmith's iron tools
that can install all kinds of mould to forge a variety iron flowers ,birds and other beautiful decoration.

1.Durable and great power
2.Easy installation and operation
3.Convenient maintenance
4.Professional hammer die upon your need

UNIT C41-40kg C41-55kg C41-75kg C41-150kg
separate/single separate separate separate
Max.   hit  energy kj 0.53

Height  of  working  area mm 245 265 300 370
Hit  number  min -1 245 230 210 180
Dimension of top and bottom die surface(LxW) mm 120*50  120*55  145*65 200*85
Max.   square  steel  can  be  forged mm 52*52 52*52 65*65 130*130
Max.   round  steel  can  be  forged(Diameter) mm ¢68 ¢68 ¢85 ¢145
Motor    power kw 4 5.5 7.5 15
Speeds  of  motor r. p. m 1440 1440 1440 1470
Anvil  weight kg 400/0 600 850 1800
Total  weight kg 1350/880 1700 2800 5060
Overall  dimensions(L*W*H) mm 1080*600*1430 1320*670*1620 1400*760*1950 2080*1240*2350
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