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WMJ-2 Rivetless Rivet Connection Riveting Equipment
Product Description

 Through transient high pressure process, sheet press-connection machine and special designed connection models and made by our company. It can form a certain tensile resistance and shear resistance spot of non-stress. Two or more layer sheets of different materials can be linked. Rivet-free connection technology has no any requirement of board surface. Moreover, the surface of connection point is not damaged. The connection process can connect single or multi-point simultaneously. Besides, connection strength can be tested and automatic monitored without damage. The rivet-free connection technology a new style connection method, which gradually replaces the traditional ones.

model units WMJ-1 WMJ-2 WMJ-4 WMJ-5 WMJ-8
capacity KN 10 20 40 50 80
pressure MPA 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
travel mm 100+10 200+10 200+20 200+20 200+20
Riveting size mm 1+1 1.5+1.5 2+2 2.5+2.5 3+3
dimension mm 900*600*1700 900*600*1700 1000*800*1900 1000*900*1900 1200*1000*2000
weight KG 90 100 160 180 350
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