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The difference between Plano Miller and Planer Milling Machine

Plano miller is a milling machine that has a door frame and long horizontal lathe bed. Plano miller cutter can be used to simultaneously process multiple surfaces, precision and productivity are high, and suitable for mass production in batch processing of large parts of the plane and slope. CNC plano miller machine and machining spatial curved surface and some special parts.
Planer milling machine is a machine tool that mainly used in planing large workpiece,and can also be used in the workbench hat clip multiple parts processing.
The appearance of plano miller are similar to those of planer milling machine. The difference is that the beams and columns are not equipped but with a knife planer milling headstock frame and gantry milling machine worktable longitudinal reciprocation is not the primary campaign, but feed movement, while the rotational movement of the cutter is the main sport.
We mainly supply high-quality plano miller and planer milling machine.Welcome the customers from worldwide to consult the related products.

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