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The structure of Plano Miller

Plano miller is one of our company’s main products. High quality of product quality and simple product structure enjoys popularity in the world. Plano miller includes a bed, set up in the body of the table and the bed CNC circuit control system.
Plano miller bed equipped with X-axis rails and the table fastened across the bed body. Table top activities across a gantry erection. Gantry also includes: gantry carriage, carriage gantry activities held to the X-axis rails. Z-axis guide rail installed at the gantry. Beams, the beams equipped with a Z-axis carriage, beamed through the Z-axis carriage and activities held in the Z-axis rails, beams is also equipped with Y-axis rails. Milling device, plano miller machine milling device fitted to the activities on the Y-axis guide rail so that the gantry in the NC control system under the control circuit for X, Y, Z three-axis milling dimensional space. The CNC milling machine with high precision milling, drilling, boring, cutting and other operations.
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