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Operation cautions of Milling machine

When work pieces, fixtures, and accessories are installed on milling machine, you need to clean the dust and dirty stains on the table and fixtures to avoid affecting processing precision. 

At the end of the work, we should separate milling cutter from work piece, put the handle into the neutral position, and have a regular check to the milling machine, milling cutter and fixtures. Then cut off the power supply, clean the milling machine, and pour lubrication oil on the guide way, after all those works finished, you can shift your duty on to the next. 

You should do the maintenance and service work seriously. The working table and guideway of milling machine are all precision surface. To avoid hitting and impacting by the heavy stuffs, a wood block is needed to put on the table when encounters heavy stuff and rough surface stuffs, and put down gently. 

Milling machine has a lots of kinds. When abnormal situations occure, such as the gearbox of the vertical milling machine has much noise and the mainshaft bearing heating, troubleshooting is necessary measure. Milling machine should be checked and repaired regularly according to rules. 

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