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Drilling and milling machine model ZX7550CW

 Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in drilling and milling machines,
such as ZX7550CW, XZ7550C, X6332Z, XZ6350ZB, XZ6350Z, X6325 and X6325D, etc.
The customer’s order of ZX7550CW  has been finished, and we are assisting our customers with quality inspection.
Thank for your support and recognition. Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd. will produce higher quality drilling and milling machines! 

Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd.,
Tel.: +86-632-5115110    FAX: +86-632-5115112Email:info@makemachinetools.com
Address: No.9 Lunan Shuicheng, No.1 Xichang middle road, Shizhong, Zaozhuang, Shandong, China
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