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Drum&Disc Brake Lathe Operation of C9370


1. Assemble bench according to the instructions provided. Tighten all fasteners securely.

2. After assembly, the bench should be leveled and may be bolted down with bolts or Screws.

3. Unbolt the lathe from the shipping pallet. Lift the lathe onto the bench.

4. Bolt the lathe to the bench with the hardware provided. Tighten fasteners securely.

5. Remove any packing materials and protective wrapping from the lathe and components.

6. Make sure lathe is turned off. Plug lathe into a properly installed and grounded outlet that matches the lathe plug.

7. Remove the shipping plug, insert the oil dipstick, and check oil level. The lathe is shipped with the correct amount and type of oil. Add oil as necessary to reach the correct mark on the dipstick. Use only MOBIL EP-80-90 lubricating  oil. Oil level should be checked often.


8. Clear the area and turn lathe on. Check for proper operation ( motor and spindle rotation ) .

Preparation for Use

1. Inspect all adapters and accessories for burrs, nicks, or other damage.

2. Clean accessories with a vaporizing solvents.

3. Apply a light film of oil to all adapters to protect their machined surfaces from rust. Refer to the maintenance section for more information. 


There is a circuit breaker located on the electrical panel to prevent damage to the lathe in the event the motor is overloaded. Move the switch to the off position and correct overloading situation before re-setting circuit breaker. Serious personnel injury could result if circuit breaker is re-set while lathe is still on.

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