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Machine exported in good conditions
Machine exported in good conditions
Customers visiting our factory
Customers visiting our factory Discussing the machine technical proposal. With our extensive experience in this industry, we are in the best position to meet our customer’s need, both for normal standard commodities and special orders. We guarantee to have the best price for your product based upon your detail requirements. OUR GOAL IS TO ACHIEVE THE CUSTOMER GOAL. OUR PRINCIPLE IS TO BE COMPETITIVE, CONSIDERATE, PROMPT AND ADAPTABLE.
Customers visiting our factory (Aug,Sep,2016)
Customers visiting our factory(Aug,Sep,2016) Wherever they come from, welcome all our friends.
CNC Devices of CNC Plano Millers
For CNC plano millers and CNC milling machines, the CNC device is the core part the computer CNC system and consist of hardware and software.
The Input and Output Devices of CNC Plano Millers
The input and output devices are the interactive equipment through which Plano millers CNC system exchange information with CNC operators and realize man-machine interaction.
Turret Tool Holders of CNC Lathes
In order to guarantee CNC lathe’s high precision and high efficiency, its turret tool holders should be of correct indexing, reliable localization, high resetting accuracy and good clamping & cutting.
Why Knife Rest is So Important for CNC Lathe?
As we all know, the knife rest is an indispensable part of CNC lathes. Generally speaking, the knife rests can be divided into gang tool type and turret type.
The Overall Arrangement of Knife Rest
The knife rest is the important part of plano millers, which is used to clamp cutter tools. So, the knife rest structure will directly affect machine tools cutting mechinability and cutter efficiency. In a certain degree, the structure and property reflect the level of design and manufacture.
The Constitution of CNC Lathe
The CNC lathe is generally made up with the output and input device, CNC device, servo unit, actuating device, programmable logic controller and electrical control gear, auxiliary assembly, machine tool and measurement device.
The Distribution of the CNC Lathe
The principle axis and tail stock distribution of CNC lathe is similar with the horizontal lathe except the knife rest and guide rail. The main reason is the distribution form can affect the performance and appearance. In addition, there are closed protective device for the CNC lathe.
CNC machining center spindle classification
For CNC machining center, spindle is one of the most important parts. It determines the machining center speed and the cutting intensity. According to the different forms, it is divided into three categories: belt type spindle, direct drive spindle and electric spindle.
The Maintenance of the CNC System
The CNC system plays an important part of the CNC lathe. In order to improve the utilization of CNC lathe and reduce the breakdown, the CNC lathe and other plano miller need to be operated with full load instead of on the shelf.
The Structure of the CNC Lathe
The structure of the CNC lathe is made up with the spindle box, knife rest, feed drive system, lathe bed, hydraulic system, cooling system and lubrication system. While the feed system of the CNC lathe and horizontal lathe has the essentially differences.
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