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The CNC Lathe Industry
Seeing from the industrial pattern of the CNC machine tools, the features of the territoriality of the CNC lathe development is very obvious. The obvious territoriality feature reflects the imbalance of the CNC machine tools industry.
The CNC Lathe Industry Condition
The active demand of the CNC machine tool industry in our country still remain the rapid growth. The CNC lathe has become the mainstream of the demand. Our country will continue to put into and increase the potency dimension.
The Development of the CNC Lathe Industry
The main problems we have on the development of CNC lathe are large scale rather than strong, backward CNC lathe system and function unit, technological gap, medium stability of product quality and poor economic benefit.
CNC milling machine Industry
CNC milling machine now is the essential equipment for manufacturing industry and one of the necessary equipment. At the same time with the machinery manufacturing, the aim of the use of CNC milling machine tools is to increase the range of use, promote industrial production and improve efficiency.
The Current Condition of the Manufacture in Our Country
The current condition of manufacture in our country is large scale rather than strong, as to the quality, technique and creditworthiness, which can’t meet people’s demand. It is same with the CNC lathe manufacture.
The working condition of the plano miller manufacture
The working condition of the plano miller manufacture should be satisfied the following conditions.1.The location. 2.The working temperature.
Riveting machine working condition
The normal operation of the riveting machine needs to satisfy the following condition: little mains voltage fluctuation, the temperature under 30 centigrade.
The 9th China International Exhibition on Machine Tools
Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co, Ltd will attend The 9th China International Exhibition on Machine Tools on April, 11-15. The address of the machine tool exhibition is Shanghai New International Expo Center.
The development of the plano miller machine
With the plano miller technology being brought in to our country, which can help to increase the plano miller production and improve the integral level of the machine tool industry.
CNC lathes important features
CNC lathe is example to show how technological innovation lead to the old machine update.
The great demand of the CNC lathe
There are great demand of CNC lathe for many industries, especially the key field like war industry and spaceflight.
The current situation of the CNC lathe
Although CNC metal removal lathe industry has achieved development in recently years, while structural contradictions of the machine tools consumption and productive are still obvious, and the top grade CNC lathe can not realize the automation, which stop the advanced manufacturing from developing.
CNC Lathe conversion
After many years and several conversions of milling machines, it was time to do a CNC lathe conversion. The first plan is to use the common 7x12 lathes sold by all the tool importers.We started by disassembling, cleaning and deburring the machine.
The main working form of the plano miller
The rotate of the maim axis of the plano miller is drove by the elastic coupling. When the duplex sliding cluster gear is catching with toothed wheels, the principle axis can rotate.
The brief introduction of the plano miller
Main transmission of the plano miller adopts SRD or serve system. Wide range of step-less speed change of table's movement satisfies the requirements of planning/milling/grinding at different speed.
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