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The Constitution of CNC Lathe
The CNC lathe is generally made up with the output and input device, CNC device, servo unit, actuating device, programmable logic controller and electrical control gear, auxiliary assembly, machine tool and measurement device.
The Distribution of the CNC Lathe
The principle axis and tail stock distribution of CNC lathe is similar with the horizontal lathe except the knife rest and guide rail. The main reason is the distribution form can affect the performance and appearance. In addition, there are closed protective device for the CNC lathe.
CNC machining center spindle classification
For CNC machining center, spindle is one of the most important parts. It determines the machining center speed and the cutting intensity. According to the different forms, it is divided into three categories: belt type spindle, direct drive spindle and electric spindle.
The Maintenance of the CNC System
The CNC system plays an important part of the CNC lathe. In order to improve the utilization of CNC lathe and reduce the breakdown, the CNC lathe and other plano miller need to be operated with full load instead of on the shelf.
The Structure of the CNC Lathe
The structure of the CNC lathe is made up with the spindle box, knife rest, feed drive system, lathe bed, hydraulic system, cooling system and lubrication system. While the feed system of the CNC lathe and horizontal lathe has the essentially differences.
The Daily Maintenance of the Plano Millers
Plano millers with different models have different maintenance requirements. Here are some the common maintenance tips for the plano millers.
The CNC Milling Machine
The CNC milling machine makes the machine, electricity and liquid as a whole, and has the features like intensive technique and knowledge.
The Working Stages of the CNC Lathe
There are three stages of the CNC lathe failure rate. 1.Initial stage operation region, at this time, the CNC lathe failure rate is high. 2.The second stage is system useful parts. Generally after the operation of the cnc lathe for 9-14 months, it can be in its useful life area, so the warranty period of the cnc lathe is about 1 years. At this time there is the lowest failure rate.
The Remote Diagnosis Technique of the CNC Lathe
Remote diagnosis is a type of new diagnose technique in recently years. The CNC lathe applies the cnc system network function to connect the cnc manufacturer through the Internet.
The CNC Lathe Industry
Seeing from the industrial pattern of the CNC machine tools, the features of the territoriality of the CNC lathe development is very obvious. The obvious territoriality feature reflects the imbalance of the CNC machine tools industry.
The CNC Lathe Industry Condition
The active demand of the CNC machine tool industry in our country still remain the rapid growth. The CNC lathe has become the mainstream of the demand. Our country will continue to put into and increase the potency dimension.
The Development of the CNC Lathe Industry
The main problems we have on the development of CNC lathe are large scale rather than strong, backward CNC lathe system and function unit, technological gap, medium stability of product quality and poor economic benefit.
CNC milling machine Industry
CNC milling machine now is the essential equipment for manufacturing industry and one of the necessary equipment. At the same time with the machinery manufacturing, the aim of the use of CNC milling machine tools is to increase the range of use, promote industrial production and improve efficiency.
The Current Condition of the Manufacture in Our Country
The current condition of manufacture in our country is large scale rather than strong, as to the quality, technique and creditworthiness, which can’t meet people’s demand. It is same with the CNC lathe manufacture.
The working condition of the plano miller manufacture
The working condition of the plano miller manufacture should be satisfied the following conditions.1.The location. 2.The working temperature.
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