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Application scope of riveting machine

Dec. 02, 2019

Application scope of riveting machine:

Riveting machine for a wide range of applications, can be applied to a variety of required riveting process occasions, the following introduces some of the main applications.

1, riveting materials: in addition to rivet low carbon steel rivet, but also rivet medium carbon steel and stainless steel rivet, of course, copper, aluminum rivet is in the rivet range.

2, riveting shape: as long as the shape of the riveting head, it can be riveted into a variety of shapes, in addition, radial riveting machine and embossing, embossing and marking.

3, radial riveting machine can also be achieved in glass, plastic, ceramic riveting.

4, applicable industry: cold riveting method can be widely used in precision machinery, textile equipment, steel furniture, construction hardware, high and low voltage electrical appliances, hardware tools, automobile, motorcycle accessories, and many other industries, especially in the automobile door lock, wiper, brake, clutch and the back door, door hinge, glass poles levelers, carburetor, hand brake, in automobile and motorcycle accessories, such as ball joints, motorcycle shock absorber is more widely applied in industry.

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