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Jul. 06, 2021

Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd. Brake Disc Drum Lathe T8465 is suitable for the maintenance of small and medium-sized vehicle brake discs and large and medium-sized brake drums.

This model can cut brake discs and brake drums. It can automatically feed in both the positive and negative directions, which greatly improves the efficiency of the single-direction machine.

At the same time, the processing depth limit is adjustable, which can realize automatic parking. The main shaft is supported when processing the drum, and the processing of heavy brake drums is more stable. Optional hoisting equipment for loading and unloading the brake drum. When repairing the brake disc, both sides can feed at the same time.

The range of T8465 cutting brake disc produced by Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd. is less than or equal to 500mm, and the range of cutting brake drum is 180-650mm. The shape is Asian style, easy to operate and good cutting effect.


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