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Characteristics of gantry grinding machine

Nov. 08, 2019

Characteristics of gantry grinding machine

1, environmental protection, gantry grinder environmental protection is higher, in line with the current people's production philosophy, but also equipped with self-testing ability, so that our production can be more normal and lasting.

2, strong rigidity, high precision, long life, and other grinder, gantry grinder cutting, if the temperature change is small, low noise or vibration is small, we need to do a good pre-pressure treatment, so as to ensure that our production work better.

3, feed accuracy is higher, which is one of the characteristics of the gantry grinder, and the gantry grinder horizontal grinding before and after with the upper and lower guide, to improve the precision of surface quenching, ensure that our equipment performance more normal continuous work, to create more economic value.

4. Fully supported table structure design can reduce the damping coefficient and ensure the stable operation of the table and the grinding accuracy.

5, the gantry grinder finite element analysis of the high rigid structure is the use of the host, table and other important casting body structure, in order to ensure that its performance is normal and stable, need to go through special tempering treatment, high rigidity, small deformation.

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