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Daily maintenance of the drilling and milling machine

Sep. 16, 2019

1. Clean the appearance and dead angle of the machine tool, remove and wash each cover, require internal and external cleaning, no rust, no yellow robes, and paint the natural color to see the light. Clean the rail surface and remove the work surface burrs. Check the replacement screws, handball, and hand board to check the flexibility and reliability of each handle.

2, spindle feed box maintenance: check the oil quality, keep good, the oil quantity meets the requirements. Clear the spindle taper burr. Clean the hydraulic shifting system, oil filter net, and adjust the oil pressure.

3. Drilling and milling machine rocker arm and lifting and clamping mechanism inspection: Check and adjust the lifting mechanism and clamping mechanism to be sensitive and reliable.

4. Drilling and Milling Machine Lubrication System Inspection: Cleaning the linoleum requires complete oil cup, smooth oil passage and bright oil window.

5. Drilling and Milling Machine Cooling System Inspection: Clean the cooling pump, filter and coolant tank. Check the coolant line and ask for no water leakage.

6. Drilling and Milling Machine Electrical System Inspection: Clean the dust inside and outside the motor and electrical box. Turn off the power, open the appliance door cover, check the electrical connectors and electrical components for looseness and aging. Check if the limit switch is working properly. Whether the power is turned off or not works. Check if the hydraulic system is normal and there is no oil leakage. Whether the electrical control switches are normal.

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