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Drilling machine operation precautions

Sep. 10, 2019

1. Before the work, it is necessary to thoroughly check whether the operating mechanism of each department is normal. Wipe the rocker rail with a fine cotton yarn and fill the oil according to the lubricating oil grade.

2. The rocker arm and the headstock can be locked only after they are locked.

3. There must be no obstacles in the swing arm range.

4. Before drilling, the work table, workpiece, fixture and cutting tool of the drilling machine must be straightened and fastened.

5. Correctly select the spindle speed and feed amount, and do not overload.

6. Drill holes beyond the workbench and the workpiece must be stable.

7. When the machine is running and automatic feeding, it is not allowed to change the fastening speed. If the speed change can only be stopped after the spindle is completely stopped, it can be carried out.

8. Loading and unloading cutting tools and measuring workpieces must be carried out during the shutdown. Do not directly drill the workpiece by hand or wear gloves.

9. Unusual noise is found during the work, and it is necessary to stop immediately to check for trouble.

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