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Face milling machine (end milling machine)safety operation procedures

Aug. 23, 2019

Face milling machines should pay attention to the following items during operation to avoid danger.


(1) Wear tight protective clothing, do not open the cuffs, wear protective caps for long hair, and do not wear gloves when handling.


(2) Loading and unloading the chuck on the machine tool spindle should be carried out after the shutdown. The power of the motor cannot be used to remove the chuck.


(3) The chuck, the dial, and the protruding part of the chicken heart clip are used to protect the clothes and other parts of the body.


(4) When clamping the workpiece with *, the * should be exactly the same as the center hole. Do not use the damaged or skewed *. The * and the center hole should be cleaned before use. The rear tailstock* should be firmly secured.


(5) When turning the slender workpiece, the center frame or the tool holder should be used for safety. The part of the lathe should be marked.


(6) When turning a workpiece with irregular shape, install a balance block and test the balance before cutting.


(7) The tool clamping should be firm. The protruding part of the cutting head should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the cutter body. The shape and size of the gasket should be consistent with the shape and size of the cutter body. The gasket should be as small and flat as possible.


(8) In addition to the automatic measuring device in operation on the lathe, stop the workpiece measurement and move the tool holder to a safe position.


(9) For the strip-shaped chips and spiral long-cut chips that have been cut, the hooks should be removed in time, and it is strictly forbidden to use the hand.


(10) In order to prevent people from collapsing and chipping, a transparent baffle should be installed at a suitable position.


(11) When sanding the surface of the workpiece with abrasive cloth, move the tool to a safe position, and do not let the clothes and hands touch the surface of the workpiece. When processing the inner hole, do not use the finger to support the abrasive cloth, use the wooden stick instead, and the speed should not be too fast.


(12) It is forbidden to place tools, fixtures or workpieces on the lathe bed and the spindle gearbox.


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