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Gantry grinding machine maintenance precautions

Aug. 17, 2019

Gantry grinding machine maintenance precautions

The use of gantry grinders can bring us great benefits and help, creating huge economic wealth, so in order to keep the performance of the equipment normal and stable, we must do regular inspection and maintenance work, so that the machine tool is in a good long-term. The working state allows us to work on unaffected work. Therefore, we must pay attention to some maintenance matters, I hope to help everyone

1. After the operation is completed, it is necessary to perform the relevant lubrication work on the various components of the gantry grinder, especially the sliding parts, that is, after wiping it clean, oiling.

2. Remove the grinding debris from all parts of high-precision wear, and select the grinding wheel according to the material and hardness of the workpiece. This is a very important part. Everyone must be careful in the process of selection.

3. The grinding wheel needs to be calibrated before grinding to ensure it is in a balanced state. Colleagues need to carry out anti-rust treatment on the necessary parts

4. In order to ensure the normal performance of the grinding machine, we need to pay attention to the rotation direction of the main shaft. At the same time, the anti-rust film is applied to the main shaft end and the grinding wheel flange to prevent rust and cause adverse effects on our grinding machine.

5. It is forbidden to use air guns to clean work and machines in the work space.

6. Regularly carry out cleaning inspection work to ensure that the gantry grinding machine can work smoothly without burning or clogging, which will cause adverse effects and harm to our work.

The above is about the related introduction of the maintenance work of the gantry grinder. I hope that the use can pay attention to the maintenance work, ensure that the performance of the equipment is normal and stable, and there will not be too much damage and influence, so that our work can be carried out smoothly.

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