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Horizontal lathe safety production guidelines

Sep. 29, 2019

The operator of zaozhuang make machinery co.,ltd is required to do so during operation:

(1) Keep the working environment clean, the measuring tools, the drawings and the workpieces are neatly arranged, and the position is reasonable.

(2) Do not use any accessories or horizontal lathe without permission.

(3) It is not allowed to tap or correct the workpiece on the surface of the chuck and the bed rail, and the bed surface is not allowed to be placed.

(4) It is not allowed to run in the workshop, not to throw things. Do not wash your hands with cutting fluid.

(5) You cannot rely on the machine when working.

(6) Replace worn tools in time.

(7) Keep the measuring tool clean and wipe it clean after use.


Civilized production is generally reflected in the following links:

(1) Start, stop, and follow the safety operation technical regulations.

(2) Check the condition of the horizontal lathe before the shift, and maintain the equipment and clean the environment after the shift.

(3)Horizontal lathe shifting during machining, proper use and placement of work, clamps and measuring tools.

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