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Main features of riveting machine

Nov. 30, 2019

Main features:

Riveting machine is more and more convenient, efficient and easy to operate the characteristics of the majority of manufacturers and customers accepted.

Riveting machine according to the structure type can be divided into many kinds, there are sliding rail type, there are rotating plate type, but its principle is the same, are set, make the workpiece displacement to the riveting region, and then riveting machine to complete the riveting process.

The displacement of any workpiece can be regarded as the result of the movement in three directions. The X and Y axes are to control the left, right and front, while the Z axis is to control the up and down. Thus, a basic numerical control structure is determined.Nc riveting machine is generally a zero, can also be referred to as the reference point, use this as a benchmark, we need to put all need riveting points are numbered and coordinate calibration, this process is necessary, and then need to input the coordinate and height data entry page to the device, thus let the machine knows how to riveting those points, these points respectively, where, how much height.

After the input point coordinates, cnc program of riveting machine can operate, the servo mechanism of the machine will be under the control of the program, drive the workpiece reach we entered the first point, in this position, riveting artifacts should be just under the axis of the rivet head, the equipment and the coordinates of the Z value, which is highly value calculation, determine the feeding of riveting, all ready to continue after the equipment can start riveting.

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