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Operating instructions for power press

Jan. 14, 2020

Power press for blanking, forming should follow the following procedures.When more than two people operate, should order a person to drive, pay attention to coordination.Before going off duty, the mold should fall against, disconnect the power supply, and carry out necessary cleaning.Drive parts exposed to the outside of the power press must be protected by a protective cover. Do not drive or test run without the cover.When necessary, the test can be open.The installation mold must open the slider to the bottom dead point, the closing height must be correct, try to avoid eccentric load;The mold must be firmly secured and tested.

Pay attention to the work, it is strictly prohibited to put the hand and tools into the dangerous area (see item 4 of the safety production regulations) to find the operation of the power press abnormal or abnormal sound (such as the sound of repeated strikes, bursts) should stop feeding, check the reason.If the rotating part is loose, the operating device is out of order, (see introduction) every time a workpiece is finished, the hand or foot must leave the button or pedal, in order to prevent misoperation.Before work, should check whether the punch protection device is complete, whether the flywheel operation is stable;There is no protection on the upper and both sides of the foot pedal device, whether the operation is reliable and flexible;And remove objects from the workplace that interfere with operation.

Must check and ratify blanking force, prohibit overload operation.When installing and disassembling the mold, the power must be cut off first.Mold installation must be firm and reliable.Adjust the height manually or by moving it step by step. Do not connect the car until the adjustment is confirmed.It is strictly prohibited to talk while doing, to cooperate with each other to ensure safe operation.Two or more people are generally prohibited to operate the power press at the same time.If necessary, there must be a special person to direct and be responsible for the operation of the foot pedal device.Any part of the body in the work is strictly prohibited to carry out mold feeding and unloading should be special tools.

Interlayer feeding stamping is prohibited. The second feeding can only be carried out after the former and secondary stamping parts or residual materials have been cleared.The installation of the mould must be checked regularly. If there is any loosening or slippage, it should be adjusted in time.Before the burr exceeds the limit, the blade should be timely polished.When removing the mold, it must be done in the mold closing state.Take good care of stamping equipment, dies, tools, gauges and instruments.After the work is finished, the mold and power press should be wiped clean, finishing ready.In the formal stamping process, as the static difference of the main motor varies with different loads, the electromagnetic counter set on the control board can be used to correct the speed when punching different parts.

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