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The main structure and characteristics of the planer grinder

Nov. 06, 2019

1, the main components of the machine tool: bed, table, beam, left and right columns, connecting beam, gantry roof are resin sand modeling, high quality alloy wear-resistant cast iron casting, after heat aging treatment, vibration effect treatment, rough processing, vibration aging treatment, finishing processing, completely eliminate the negative stress of the machine, to maintain the stability of the machine performance.

2, bed, table guide adopts static pressure unloading and wear-resistant coating technology, to ensure the low-speed stability and accuracy.

3, the machine tool three-way feed and milling head feed using separate driving mode, so that each component independent operation, improve work efficiency.

4. The spindle of boring and milling head of slide pillow is automatically changed speed, and the feeding adopts ball screw pair drive, and adopts hydraulic balance cylinder device to balance the dead weight of the slide pillow.

5, according to user requirements can provide a variety of forms of accessories milling head, further expand the scope of use.

6. The electromechanical control system adopts PLC and digital ac servo control technology to realize high-precision and high-reliability control.

7. The three-way feed of the machine adopts the internationally advanced ac frequency conversion vector control to realize stepless speed regulation.

8. The work table is set as touch screen, and the work table is operated as suspension button station, which is accurate and convenient.

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