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The ordinary horizontal lathe consists of parts

Sep. 25, 2019

The ordinary horizontal lathe consists of the following parts.

1, the spindle box

The headstock is fixed at the upper left end of the bed, and is equipped with a main shaft and a variable speed transmission mechanism. The function of the main shaft box is to support the main shaft, and the power is transmitted to the main shaft through the shifting transmission mechanism, so that the main shaft rotates the workpiece through the chuck and the like to realize the main motion.

2, feed box

The feed box is fixed on the front side of the left end of the bed, and the inside is equipped with a feed mechanism changing mechanism for changing the amount of the motor feed and the lead of the machined thread.

3, slipper box

The slide box is connected to the saddle and moves along with the saddle on the front side of the bed. The function is to transfer the movement transmitted from the feed box to the tool holder to realize the motorized feed or the turning thread.

4, the bed

The bed is the basic component of the lathe and is used to support other components so that other components maintain an accurate relative trajectory during operation.

5, knife holder

The tool holder is mainly used for clamping the tool and moving on the guide rail under the driving of the saddle to realize vertical and lateral movement.

6, the tailstock

The tailstock is installed at the upper right end of the bed, and can be adjusted along the longitudinal rail. Its function is mainly to install the top support workpiece, or install the tool for drilling, reaming, reaming and other hole processing.

The transmission system block diagram of the horizontal lathe. The power output from the motor is transmitted to the headstock via the drive belt. Change the position of the outer handle of the box to make the different gear sets in the box engage. Thereby the spindles get different speeds. The spindle drives the workpiece to rotate through the chuck. At the same time, the rotation of the main shaft passes through the exchange gear, the feed box, the light bar (or the long lead screw), and the rack and pinion, so that the slide box drives the tool holder to feed longitudinally along the bed rail. Or through the gear to drive the middle skateboard screw to make the middle slide plate for horizontal feed (or longitudinal feed through the long lead screw and the opening and closing nut to make the faint box mover).

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