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The working principle of CNC machining center

Aug. 29, 2019

The working principle of the machining center is to formulate the process plan according to the parts drawing, and automatically process the part processing program by hand or computer, and change the various machine action and all process parameters required by the part into the information code acceptable to the numerical control device of the machine tool. The code is stored on an information carrier (punctured tape, disk, etc.) and the information carrier is sent to the input device. Read the information and send it to the numerical control device, or use the computer and the machining center to communicate directly to realize the input and output of the part program. The information entering the numerical control device is converted into a pulse signal through a series of processing and calculation. Some signals are sent to the servo system of the machine tool, converted and amplified by the servo mechanism, and then passed through the transmission mechanism. Driving machine-related components allows the tool and workpiece to strictly perform the corresponding motions specified by the part program. Additional signals are sent to the programmable controller for sequential control of other auxiliary actions of the machine to automatically change the tool. 

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