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The working principle of the gantry surface grinding machine

Aug. 15, 2019

The bed of the gantry surface grinder adopts double V-shaped guide rails, and the surface of the worktable rail is covered with wear-resistant PTFE. The carriage moves laterally along the beam guides, and the infeed is driven by a DC motor. The transverse feed is fed by the CNC. The longitudinal movement of the table is driven by the blade oil pump. It can be steplessly regulated, adopts open hydraulic system, hydraulic oil and guide rail lubrication with oil temperature control device. The grinding head can be moved up and down along the vertical rail of the carriage. Vertical feed has two modes: fast and automatic, manual feed. With CNC feed, easy to operate. The grinding head spindle adopts a sleeve type structure and a connecting type transmission, and the spindle bearing is a high-precision radial thrust ball bearing.

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