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Special truck chassis riveting machine YLM-30I
  • Special truck chassis riveting machine YLM-30I
  • Special truck chassis riveting machine YLM-30I

Special truck chassis riveting machine YLM-30I

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riveting force


system pressure force


max. cold riveting diameter


max. hot riveting diameter


pump displacement


motor power


oil tank volume


oil pipe joint



Special truck chassis riveting machine

Scope of riveting


Riveting method

cold riveting



Functions and features:

Easy to operate, safe and reliable, economical and practical.

Can be used in production.

Optional special tool can be extended function.



(1) Simple structure and stable performance;

(2) Can be cold riveting and can be heat riveting various types of frame parts, rivet.

(3) Small volume, an organic whole cabinet structure, can be moved at any time;

(4) The operation is fast and convenient, one person can finish;

(5) Without any heating treatment;

(6) The hydraulic system, steady transmission, reliable strength, has eliminated the gap between the connecting body;

(7) The host system and the different riveting pliers collocation, riveting equipment can be formed with different specifications;

(8) Any rivet head replacement, can form different shapes of riveting;

(9) Low noise; riveting pressure, speed can be adjusted;

(10) This product can be adjusted according to the needs of the work, moving or continuous operation, fast speed, good quality, high efficiency, low production costs, is the ideal equipment for various occasions, riveting operation.

The scope of application:

The machine is widely used, can be used in:

(1) Riveting of various vehicles;

(2) The riveting of aviation machinery;

(3) Riveting of mining machinery;

(4) Riveting of the bridge structure;


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