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Advantages Of The vertical milling machine

vertical milling machine offer many advantages over the older horizontal style milling machines. First, it’s important to understand the features that distinguish a vertical milling machine from the rest.Key features of vertical milling machine include:

 1,Sliding arm or rams, which allow movement of the work piece toward and away from the vertical column.

 2, Knee and column support for the machine work table, which enables vertical movement of the work piece in relation to the milling tool.

 3, The spindle, motor and drive pulleys are held by a one piece tool head.

 4, Saddle designed to support the work table and to enable movement of the workpiece toward and away from the vertical column.

 5, Some milling machines offer the ability for the tool head to be tilted front to back or side to side.

An important advantage of the mechanical vertical milling machine is the retractable quill, which moves in and away from the cutting tool without need for cranking the work table up and down. This increases productivity and milling efficiency by reducing operator fatigue. Movement of the work table is still possible for making adjustments, however. The next advantage is the vertical machine’s ability to easily make angle cuts. Horizontal milling machine must eitherhave the spindle made at an angle or the work piece must be positioned at the appropriate angle. vertical millingmachine have an adjustable table that can simply be tilted by the operator to cut at any angle. vertical milling machineare much simpler in design than horizontal machines. The one piece cutting tool eliminates the need foradditional gearing inside the vertical column.


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