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MK series Guideway Grinding Machine
  • MK series Guideway Grinding Machine
  • MK series Guideway Grinding Machine

MK series Guideway Grinding Machine

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1.Composed of PLC, hydraulic transmission system, servo motor-reducer-ball screw drive system, box shape frame, etc.
2.Horizontal grinding head is mainly for grinding level planeGrinding incline 90°of V type guide-way is possible, vertical grinding head is for side planeElectrical angle adjustment & hydraulic locking, grinding incline of V type guide-way & swallow-tail slot at any angle is possible.
3.Gantry structure and close, strong & box structure composed of double column, beam & bed.
Rectangular staged guide-way with good mechanical property & high rigidity.
4.State-patented spindle for horizontal grinding head and roller bearings for vertical grinding head.
5.Step-less & stable table motion with low noise, independent hydraulic station with cooling unit. Long-range-control & step-less table moving speed with inching & auto function.
6.It is with auto lubrication and it stops & alarms automatically if oil not enough.

Max. Grinding width/length   mm1600/30001600/40002000/40002000/60002000/80002400/40002400/60002400/80002800/60002800/8000
Max. grinding height(H./V.) mm800/750800/7501200/10501200/10501200/10501200/10501200/10501200/10501500/12001500/1200
Max. work-piece height mm80080012001200120012001200120015001500
Max. work-piece weight kg50006000800010000120001000014000180002500030000
Distance between columns mm1700170021002100210025002500250030003000
Table width/length mm1250/30001250/40001600/40001600/60001600/80002000/40002000/60002000/80002500/60002500/8000
T-slot quantity/width7/28 mm7/28 mm9/28 mm9/28 mm9/28 mm9/28mm9/28mm9/28mm11/28mm11/28mm
Max. table travel mm3200420042006200820042006200820062008200
Table moving speed m/min5-185-185-185-185-185-185-185-185-185-18
Spindle speed (H./V.) rpm1300/14501300/14501300/14501300/14501300/14501300/14501300/14501300/1450868/970868/970
Sand-wheel size (O./W./I.) mmφ500/75/φ203φ500/75/φ203φ500/75/φ203φ500/75/φ203φ500/75/φ203Φ500/75/203Φ500/75/203Φ500/75/203Φ600/100/203Φ600/100/203
Main Motor power (H./V.)Kw11/7.511/7.511/7.511/7.511/7.511/7.511/7.511/7.522/1122/11
Dimensions (L./W./H.) mm12000/6000/600016000/6000/600016000/6500/650021000/6500/650025000/6500/650016000/7200/650021000/7200/650025000/7200/650021000/9000/660025000/9000/6600

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