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​Operating rules for riveting machines

Dec. 02, 2019

Operating rules for riveting machines

1, use riveting machine, the operator should be legs spread out to stand.

2, the test of pneumatic riveting machine, should be on the wooden pier, not on the cement floor and steel plate test.

3. Wind check must be done after the wind stop door is closed.It is forbidden to lift the riveter, place it horizontally to people and peep in.

4, the wind riveting machine's head should be tied to the handle with iron wire, temporarily need not be placed in the place not easy to collide.

5, must confirm the top of the top, before riveting, such as the workpiece is large, can not see the top of the personnel, should respond to each other.

6, before riveting operations, should wear good protective glasses, tighten the cuff, buckle the collar button.The head should avoid the rivet directly below.

7, must wait for the wet-head contact rivet, can open the wind rivet, the beginning of the wind is not too big.

8. Low core temperature, no riveting.When a nail is needed to exit, it shall be tapped with the permission of the nail holder.

9, the use of hydraulic riveting machine, electrical switches, oil pipe joints and other parts, should be in good condition, mobile to be flexible, lifting arm should be a firm end of the magnetic head.When moving, pay attention to people and things.

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