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The scope of application of drilling and milling machine

Sep. 12, 2019

Drilling and milling machine is suitable for processing all kinds of small and medium-sized parts, especially non-ferrous materials; plastic; nylon cutting, with simple structure and flexible operation, widely used in single or batch mechanical manufacturing; instrument industry; architectural decoration And repair department. The drilling and milling machine is a small and medium-sized general-purpose metal cutting machine that can be used for both horizontal and vertical milling. It is suitable for drilling, expanding, reaming, boring and hole machining; for example, wafer milling machines, angle milling cutters, forming milling cutters and end milling cutters, which can be used to mill planes, bevels, vertical faces and grooves. It can be used as a multi-directional milling operation after the attachment of the vertical milling head. After attaching the accessory indexing head, it can be used for milling of straight teeth, bevel gears and helical teeth with the number m=3 mm or less. Due to the wide range of applications, this machine is suitable for general repair and tool workshops; it is suitable for single or small batch production workshops.

The drilling and milling machine table can be moved vertically and horizontally. The main shaft is arranged vertically. It is usually a table top and the head can be lifted up and down. It has various cutting functions such as drilling, milling, boring, grinding and tapping. The headstock can be rotated 90° left and right in a vertical plane. Some models can be rotated 45° left and right in the horizontal plane. Most models can be moved vertically in the longitudinal direction.

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